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Veneer peeling lathe

  • BX3200/4200A veneer peeling lathe
BX3200/4200A veneer peeling lathe

BX3200/4200A veneer peeling lathe

This machine is a plywood production line host equipment, material size is suitable for both soft and hard.
The card shaft with large diameter screw clamping wood, solid wood can be clamped; hydraulic (servo motor) drive hydraulic door, tightening the broadsword knife door, convenient operation
This machina adopts the servo motor to feed, PLC. touch screen control, in the procass of rotary cutting can easily change the thickness of the plate
The heating device is equipped with a cutter head and a pressing ruler frame,which improves the quality of the sliced sheet
After adjusting the angle of the rotary cutting, the worm whael and warm drive are adopted.
The main drive of the machine adopts frequency control motor, steady speed, large transmission torque
The main parts of the tool carrier and the pressure ruler frame are made of casting, the whole rigidity is good, the size is stable, the manufacture precision is high, and the preasion of the veneer veneer is ensured.

model Max.peeling diameter peeling knife length veneer thickness spindle diameter spindle center height spindle speed
BX3200A 1200mm 3250mm 0.3-3.5mm(视材质) 140mm 620mm 0-90r/min
BX3500A 1500mm 3550mm 0.3-3.5mm(视材质) 190mm 760mm 0-90r/min
BX3800A 1500mm 3800mm 0.3-3.5mm(视材质) 190mm 760mm 0-90r/min
BX4000A 1500mm 4050mm 0.3-3.5mm(视材质) 190mm 760mm 0-90r/min
BX4200A 1500mm 4180mm 0.3-3.5mm(视材质) 190mm 760mm 0-90r/min

model carrier movement speed main motor power Feeding motor speed conveyor belt motor Knife door open way Overall dimension Net weight
BX3200A 1.2m/min 37kw 3kw(伺服) 1.1kw 液压(或伺服电机) 8100*2200*2100mm 25T
BX3500A 1.2m/min 45kw 3kw(伺服) 1.5kw 液压(或伺服电机) 8500*2400*2200mm 28T
BX3800A 1.2m/min 45kw 3kw(伺服) 1.5kw 液压(或伺服电机)


BX4000A 1.2m/min 45kw 3kw(伺服) 1.5kw 液压(或伺服电机) 9200*2400*2200mm 32T
BX4200A 1.2m/min 45kw 3kw(伺服) 1.5kw 液压(或伺服电机) 9400*2400*2200mm 35T